- Random Movie Review Archives 100: What Question Would You Most Like to Know the Answer To?
099: Whod Win: Bart Simpson vs. Cartman vs. Stewie Griffin?
098: What is the Mount Rushmore of MAD TV?
097: Who is the Coolest Fictional Wrester of All Time?
096: What Should Barack Obama Do Once His Term Is Over?
095: What Would It Take For Justin Bieber To Be Considered A Bad Ass?
094: What is the Best Wesley Snipes Movie of All Time?
093: What is the Second Best Chris Farley Movie?
092: What is the Ugliest Wrestling Belt of All Time?
091: What is the Best Boxing Movie of all Time?
090: Who is the Best Friend?
089: Food Fight: Creamy vs. Crunchy Peanut Butter?
088: What was the Best Recurring Sketch on In Living Color?
087: What is the Best Match Featuring a Celebrity Wrestler?
086: What is the Mount Rushmore of SNL Women?
085: What is the Best Camp Movie of All Time?
084: What is the Best Guns N Roses Song of All Time?
083: What Was the Best Recurring Will Ferrell SNL Sketch?
082: What is the Best Pro Wrestling Movie?
081: What Bill Murray Character Would You Want to Hang Out With Most?
080: What is the Best NY Sport Team?
079: Who is the Second Best White Rapper?
078: What is the Best Tom Hanks Movie?
077: Whod Win in a Fight: Robin Hood vs Peter Pan?
076: What is Worse? Prop Comic or Puppet Comic?
075: What is the Best Cookout Food?
074: What is the Best Tom Cruise Movie?
073: What is the Worst Childhood Myth?
072: If You Could Have Picked Anyone To End Takers Streak Who Would It Have Been?
071: What is the Most Teenage Alcohol Choice?
070: What Happens First: Eddie Murphy Returns to Stand Up or Hosts SNL?
069: Derek Jeter: Overrated or Not?
068: Food Fight: Waffles vs. Pancakes?
067: What is the Best Hat in Wrestling History?
066: Who has the Best Mustache of All Time?
065: What is the Best SNL Recurring Sketch to Not Get a Movie?
064: What is the Best Hockey Movie?
063: Who is the Best TV Neighbor of All Time?
062: What Filmmaker Would You Like To See as the WWE Head Of Creative?
061: What Will Smith Role Would You Have Given to Tupac Shakur if He Had Lived?
060: Who is the Best TV Father?
059: What is the Best Kevin Smith Movie?
058: Whod Win: The Leprechaun vs. Chucky The Doll?
057: What is the Best Foreign Object in Wrestling?
056: Who is the Biggest Sell Out in Hip Hop?
055: What is the Best Nightmare on Elm Street Movie?
054: What is the Best Chicago set TV Show of All Time?
053: Food Fight: Mexican vs. Chinese?
052: What is the Mount Rushmore of WCW?
051: Who Has the Worst Fans: NHL, UFC, or NASCAR?
050: Best Hip Hop Group of All Time?
049: How Would You Use a One Way Time Travel Ticket?
048: What is the Coolest Non-American Country?
047: Who is More Hated: Lebron James or Lance Armstrong?
046: What is the Best Military Movie?
045: What is the Best Eddie Murphy Character?
044: What is the Worst Nickname for Penis?
043: Best Nickname for Female Breasts?
042: Who is a Better Rapper? Nick Cannon or Fred Durst?
041: What is the Best Monopoly Piece?
040: What Was the Most Dramatic Sitcom Moment?
039: Rock, Paper, or Scissors? Why?
038: Who is the Best Franco?
037: What is the Mount Rushmore of ECW?
036: What is the Best Baseball Movie Ever?
035: Who is the Hottest TV Mom?
034: What is the Best Judd Apatow Movie?
033: What is the Best Magazine of All Time?
032: What is the Best WWE Film?
031: Who is the Most Tolerable Latino Comedian?
030: Whod Win in a Fist Fight: Helen Mirren or Meryl Streep?
029: What is the Stupidest Popular Hair Style?
028: What is the Best Board Game?
027: What is the Coolest Kind of Gimmick Match?
026: Who was the Most Annoying TV Kid?
025: What is the Mount Rushmore of SNL Hosts?
024: What Was the Best 90s Tabloid Scandal?
023: Who is the Coolest Fictitious Dinosaur?
022: Who is the Best Wrestling Tag Team of All Time?
021: What is the Best Nickname for Marijuana?
020: How Does the Easter Bunny Get All of Those Eggs?
019: What is the Best Last Supper?
018: Sisqo or Nelly?
017: What is the Best Jock Jams Song?
016: You Have $3 and Taxes Dont Exist. What Do You Order From McDonalds?
015: Would You Rather Meet an Alien or Meet an Angel?
014: What is the Best Limp Bizkit Song?
013: What is the Greatest Canned Good?
012: Would You Rather Be a Vampire, Werewolf or Wizard?
011: Who Will Main Event WrestleMania 31?
010: The Best Finishing Move in WWE?
009: The Best Way to Sneak Into America?
008: What is the Mount Rushmore of SNL?
007: WWhat is the Best non-Ice Ice Baby Vanilla Ice Song?
006: What is the Best Spirit Animal?
005: What Happens First? First Black Hockey Superstar or Second Black President?
004: What Dies First? TNA Wrestling or Vince McMahon?
003: What is the Best Nickelback song?
002: What is the Most Underrated Will Ferrell Movie?
001: What Is The Most Annoying Uplifting Cliche?