When asking yourself why should I work with Digital Lizard Productions on my next promotion or marketing project you should really be asking yourself why not Digital Lizard Productions?

If you need an event or commercial captured for future enjoyment, a simple website to push your service or business, a menu design for your restaurant, a press release to announce your grand opening, a big event or sale promoted or if you just want to create an identity for your company then Digital Lizard Productions is exactly what you need.

It’s quite simple. If you need a marketing or promotional plan then we can work with you to put together the best direction heading forward.

Digital Lizard Productions is a small business advocate that clearly understand the passion, the risk taken, and the work ethic of the small business owner. Meanwhile we also understand the stressful side of things like time management, budget and gaining a new audience of customers while still getting your established customers to return. Other firms will put on the show for you that they understand your needs while they toss you on a client list and overcharge for generic and uninspired work. With DLP you get hands on efforts like no other.

Through years of experience, learned through thousands of hours of research and practice, you gain a unique leg up on the competition when working with Digital Lizard Productions.

By covering the marketing direction, video production and design aspects of marketing and branding Digital Lizard utilizes its “jack of all trades” know-how to provide your business with the promotional coverage you need at a budget that won’t set you too far back. Through our marketing possibilities, we can work with you and provide you promotional strategy that focuses on the ever growing area of social media like Facebook and Twitter as well as the traditional print materials you need to really boost your business. Is video production something you need? We have that too! Digital Lizard Productions has produced feature length independent films, web shows, live shows and more. Through logo art, promotional posters, and more DLP can easily cover your design needs as well. It really is a one stop connection to endless promotional possibilities.

If you look around you’ll notice the world has gone digital. Small businesses who engage in social media and digital marketing realize that it’s paramount for their success and in some cases survival. Whether you’re looking to play “digital catch-up” and establish an online presence or if you’ve been lingering too long in a lackluster limbo then we can and will help you.

Digital marketing is not a fad. It’s the future, here and now… It’s time to catch up.