Keri Russell

Keri Russell is amazing. She was on that “Felicity” show, but she’s done much more and still has potential to do a lot more in her career. Like a lot of famous people these days, she came from the Mickey Mouse Club. She was on from 91 to 93 and had a pretty good career at the time. In the early 90’s she was in “Honey, I Blew Up The Kid”, an episode of “Married With Children”, an episode of “Boy Meets World”, and started getting a good amount of time on screen doing made for TV movies. She got Felicity, got made love and a Golden Globe(1999) for her 4 year work on the show. Once that was done she moved on to doing some stage stuff. She’d eventually get back into acting on screen. She had “Mission Impossible III” in 2005, two episodes of “Scrubs” in 2007, and then she rocked it in “Waitress”. “Waitress” ended up getting a lot of acclaim and attention on the festival circuit and is a pretty nice movie. And most recently she was in “Bedtime Stores” with Adam Sandler and Russell Brand and the drama “Extraordinary Measures” with Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford. There’s plenty that I didn’t cover. She’s had a cool career of being on a lot of cool TV shows and in some quality movies. I still think she has a major major break out performance in her. She makes it easy to cheer her on. She’s got a new comedy sitcom on the horizon and has been putting out her best film work recently. It’s only a matter of time before she’s sitting in an auditorium getting called to a stage and handed a big gold paper weight.

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