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HI My name is K.L. I’m a dancer. I'm a singer. I'm an actress. I'm a professional princess and I'm a former pageant girl. Oh yeah, and im a female pro-wrestler - well aspiring anyway. I'm probably nothing great but I dream to be someday. Read this blog, leave me questions. Get a view into "the biz", my mind, and all the places you never knew you wanted to go.

Now, I’m not a big fan of Beyonce – but she had a point when she sang “Strong enough to bare the children, then get back to business (GIRLS!)” because these past few weeks, even having a broken foot, I have felt seriously accomplished – a truly empowered woman.

As I have mentioned before, I am going to have my first match (in September, pushed back a month due to my injury) but also am now being positively spoken about in more than one wrestling group about my dedication even through my injury, and being donned “the best student,” as well as being told I have a new position at my wrestling school’s shows, and so much more.

Now this may make me seem like a braggart – but I think it delivers a big lesson: Hard work out shines talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.

I will admit, I seemed out of my element, talent wise when beginning wrestling. There are students with MUCH more talent than myself, but those students have decided to stroll by on their talent rather than improve it. My hard work has put me above them like a classic tortoise & the hare scenario.

There can be a lot to be said about beginning on the bottom of the totem pole, it drives you to work harder & more intense. Before you know it, the determination in wanting to not be on the bottom pushes you to the top and you can run the world.

Smart, Heart, Courage, LIPSTICK – this girl is tearing it up, buckle up for the ride.

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