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Keith Evans

Directed and Edited By:
Michael Goodpaster

Release Date:
October 2012

Digital Release:
March 2014

What You're Watching:
Digital Lizard Productions LLC is proud to present the digital release of its first stand-up comedy special “Keith Evans: Local Hero” for free viewing on its website DigitalLizardProductions.com. The 40 plus minute special features the comedy of standup Keith Evans, a Midwest face that’s getting a lot of attention for his uncompromised jokes and audacious charisma.

“Getting pulled over is the blackest thing you can do!” declares Evans during this 2012 performance.

The content is not for the weak of heart as Keith Evans holds nothing back when he lets loose about ‘involuntary’ domestic disputes, strange trips to the park, overheard phone conversations from jail, racial relations, and more. While the language and subject matter may be “risqué” the tireless efforts of the Gary Indiana born entertainer is starting to show results.

“From that specific show till now, the work has paid off and a lot of progress in regards to my stage presence, delivery, and overall performance has happened in a major way”, said Keith Evans. He continued, “I want people to see all points of the progression, the good and the bad, which sort of lets them in on the process all comics go through to entertain people.”

Evans is currently showcasing and working on new material to shoot a second special later in 2014. More information on this project will be released when available. To watch the full 40 plus minute “Local Hero” stand-up comedy special plus free movies, web shows, blogs, music performances and more visit: DigitalLizardProductions.com

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