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Keith Evans
Joseph Willison
Jonathan Velasquez
Jennifer Carroll
Chris Deal
Julia K.
Emelia Zuckerman
Monty Newton
Christina Wetter
Javier Guerrerro
Kate-Lynn Edwards
Michael Goodpaster

Written, Directed,
& Edited By:

Michael Goodpaster

Re-Written, Re-Directed,
& Re-Edited By:

Michael Goodpaster


Two strangers from different sides of the tracks swap confessions in a bar bet that escalates in hilarity and danger with each drink that passes.

From The Director:
"We started shooting on March 19th 2009 and itís November of 2011. Thatís a long ass time to be working on a movie like this. Itís not an action movie or big budget CGI project. Itís a dark comedy thatís gone through the wringer. People have fallen out of touch, mustaches have been grown and regrown, the script has been rewritten about a half dozen times during the process, people have been recasted, entire portions of the movie had to be reshot, voices were redubbed, and YEARS of life have gone into it. Itís not just myself, but others involved. A lot of time and effort went into this movie and project. Many times during the past 30 or so months we could have, and in all honesty should have, walked away from this movie. Some people have. But for those who have stuck it out, made it those extra days, took part in the stressful times, and really just hung in thereÖ Thank You! What we have is a dark, twisted, funny, trippy, surreal, grindhouse, experimental, dramatic, weird, no budget glitch-film extravaganza. It crosses lines, makes me laugh, is cohesive, and is pretty amusing. Iím happy with it and Iím pretty sure other people will be too.

This is NOT the movie we intended on makingÖ itís better."

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