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HI My name is K.L. I’m a dancer. I'm a singer. I'm an actress. I'm a professional princess and I'm a former pageant girl. Oh yeah, and im a female pro-wrestler - well aspiring anyway. I'm probably nothing great but I dream to be someday. Read this blog, leave me questions. Get a view into "the biz", my mind, and all the places you never knew you wanted to go.

I’ve never met a happy wrestler - And the maybe two I can think of, they are creepy.

I’m not saying this industry is full of people hating d-bags (although it is) that are in this to legally beat the shizz out of each other. Happiness is what you make it. But I’ve never met a wrestler that doesn’t have a deeper sadness. I’ve shared many of mine with you. Beside myself there are people dealing with loveless marriages, crummy parents, inadequacy issues, overcoming their ego, overcoming their own body, obvious health issues… and so much more.

Through time there have been tragic & sad instances of our most famous wrestlers taking their lives or lives of others – do you think they did this because they were happy? As legally blonde points out “happy people just don’t kill people.”

We all struggle.

The thing I hear most “As girly as you are, I would have never thought you’d be a wrestler” or “I don’t know how you overcome the pain.” However, in truth… they never truly knew me & those same people don’t know: One wrestles TO overcome the pain.

Any amount of physical pain pales in comparison to what your mind can do.

It isn’t just a show, or an act, or a hobby; it’s therapy – it’s a life style.

To be truly great in this biz, to stand out and NOT be like everybody else, you have to accept many things, bruises, pain, egos, terrible pay & shady people… besides giving into the sadness & using it to thrive… but mainly, the time will click, when you realize “life” is the show or act or hobby – and wrestling is really living.

“Is it enough to live, is it enough to breath – somebody rip my heart out & leave me here to bleed. Is it enough to die – somebody save my life. I’d rather be anything but ordinary please.” –Avril Lavigne

I repeat, “life” is the show or act or hobby – and wrestling is really living – really unordinary – EXTRAORDINARY living.

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