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"Work Bitch"

HI My name is K.L. I’m a dancer. I'm a singer. I'm an actress. I'm a professional princess and I'm a former pageant girl. Oh yeah, and im a female pro-wrestler - well aspiring anyway. I'm probably nothing great but I dream to be someday. Read this blog, leave me questions. Get a view into "the biz", my mind, and all the places you never knew you wanted to go.

Hey guys! I’m back – in blog & in physicality! The cast is off, the wrap too – bye bye crutches and HELLO walking! But my friends, it doesn’t mean this isn’t still an everyday struggle. The pain is still very much a real thing & the limp is still apparent. But what is a girl to do when she has her Debut match in 18 days? WORK BITCH.

Muscle imbalance… I need to regain full strength in my right leg.

Work bitch

Most of my muscles have turned into jelly

Work bitch

I have lost weight… because ive lost muscle

Work bitch

My abs were peaking though before the injury… not anymore

Work bitch

I have never practiced in boots & will be donning them in my match

Work bitch

My in ring top has been remade from the beginning three times now…

Work bitch

No real exercising, lifting, or protein for 8+ weeks

Work bitch

Wrangling your nerves of serious life changes weeks before the match

Work bitch

Lassoing the anxiety leading up to the match

Work bitch

Debuting a character totally different then nearly anything the wrestling world has seen

Work bitch

Steering clear of wrestling drama & rivalry

Work bitch

Staying true to myself, my personal character, my ring character, my faith & my body…


It would take more then words for me to convey to you just how much work I have ahead of me to insure full performance & safety in 18 days. But I have a drive to make this small town’s women’s wrestling stand out above the others. It only takes one person with a vision to create so many dastardly events in history… but also cultivate so many wonderful advances in time.

It hurts me to the core when I see ANYONE not working to their full potential to better themselves in this business, but I intend to fill their void, if nothing else but with my own hard work. Its sounds selfish when I say I am willing to work harder than them if it means further advancing myself – but it is in their own laziness they make my success possible. It may be crude or secular – but the biggest piece of advice I’ve ever witnessed ring true - as Britany Spears so eloquently put it – WORK BITCH.

And I intend to.

The first piece of evidence to support this…


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