"Top 4 Current Comediennes"

There is something about Kristen Schaal that makes it hard not to give your full attention to her. Her voice is distinct and in a good and interesting way. She’s considered an “alternative comic” whatever that means. I’m pretty sure that just means “new” and “original” to people who’ve grown accustomed to the same old shit. I first took notice of her, like many, when she was a regular on “Flight of the Conchords”. She did very well and held her own with the “’Chords”, “Rhys Darby”, “Arj Barker”, and the guest stars. Then she started popping up on “The Daily Show” as a reporter and started making appearances everywhere. She did voice work in “Toy Story 3”, “Shrek Forever After”, and some other kid stuff. I was going for new and fresh comediennes with this, but Schaal is quickly on her way to being a big star.

Natasha is another comedienne who’s slowly and surely becoming a house hold name. This Rockford, Illinois native is often seen on Chelsea Lately as a panelist. She’s one of the few panelists that aren’t completely mind pokingly annoying. Because of that, she stands out like a sore thumb. She’s had multiple Comedy Central appearances, is a judge on “Last Comic Standing”, and has a lot of TV appearances under her belt. On top of all of this, she’s a voice on Comedy Central’s “Ugly Americans”.

I’ve seen Lisa Landry’s “Comedy Central presents” probably close to ten times now. Whenever it’s on, I find myself leaving it on and enjoying it. I’ve heard the jokes before, but there is something in her delivery that just makes it enjoyable. She’s a likeable, funny, and real person. I think because of her talent and just the vibe she gives off she was the first woman to place in the Top 3 on Comedy Central’s annual “Stand Up Showdown”. She talks and sounds like someone who I’d know and be friends with. She’s like the perfect “hometown girl” that you want to support, cheer on, and follow the career of. I mean it could be ANY “hometown”. She’s just that cool. Give her a sitcom and put her in movies A-SAP!

Whitney Cummings is officially awesome. She’s like if Sarah Silverman and Lisa Lampanelli shared the same coke straw. She’s not afraid to go the extra mile. Like Natasha Leggero, she’s always on Chelsea Lately. I’ve seen her on there pretty often and really it’s the point now that I seek her out on it. I didn’t know this, but I guess she started off on “Punk’d”. That’s cool. It’s going to be really entertaining when she and Dax are more acclaimed and loved than Ashton. She’s performed on Conan, Carson Daly, Leno, Tony Rock, and many other televised places. She’s JUST starting to get her proper well deserved attention and love. She stood out on the Joan Rivers Roast last year and did GREAT on the Hasselhoff one recently. She’s got her first Comedy Central hour long special on the way and it’s only a matter of time before she takes over the world.

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