"Top 4 Drew Barrymore Movies"

As “Gertie”, the little sister in this 1982 movie, Drew was awesome. Her interactions with ET are timeless scenes in movie history. She went from being completely freaked out by the alien and grew to love him and even share her Reeces Pieces with it. Barrymore was really young here, but this is what got her foot in the door and pretty much launched her into superstardom.

This 2004 comedy is one of the sweetest movies ever made. Adam Sandler costars with her as a womanizer who meets Drew in a diner. He comes to find out that she has an amnesiac disease that makes her relive the same day over and over. Sandler falls in love and does whatever it takes to continue to be a part of her life. Drew plays the role with so much innocence and grace that you can’t help but understand why he’d go to such extremes.

A lot of people sleep on this movie, but I feel it’s very underappreciated. Along with Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, Drew is part of this crime fighting trio. It’s based off a TV show in concept and name, but the movie really took on a life of its own. This movie features three hot women kicking ass. You don’t see that very often anymore. And being realistic this movie on paper sounds like something that’d flop, be horrible, or be forgettable as they come but it worked. I think it’s mainly because Drew made it work.

The first movie Adam Sandler and Drew made is this 1998 modern comedy classic. I’d hate to use the word “cute”, but I have to for this cute movie. Sandler plays a wedding singer and Drew plays a waitress. They meet, he falls in love, and then we find out that she’s engaged to a jerk. After some back and forth conflict, it comes down to that end scene on the airplane with that song and a Billy Idol appearance. Everyone is required by law to love this movie. It’s so loved that in 2006 a musical version was adapted for stage and I’m pretty sure if you flip through your channels long enough that you’ll eventually find this movie on somewhere.

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