"4 Complaints : 2010 Emmys"

I understand this show is very popular right now, but this is an award show to celebrate the best of television. The huge amount of love for GLEE just pulls all credibility off the carcass that is “The Emmys”. I want to at least pretend the show is about “the best of television” and not just the “flavor of the month”. I accept that GLEE isn’t going anywhere for awhile and I do like me some Jane Lynch, but this show is like High School Musical if it were on VH1. People confuse this show as “funny” when it’s merely “sassy”. There’s a difference. Ask David Spade.

I’m not complaining about the actual time limit on speeches. I’m all for cutting people off and moving on to the next segment. It’s either people who are “baffled” and stumble for three minutes before thanking anyone, a long winded speech about nothing, or a “very famous” actor or actress being allowed to go as long as they want. What I want to complain about is how everyone acknowledges the time limit as if they’re the first person to ever be inconvenienced by it. The “wrap it up” signal is for you to get in your last “thank yous”, not point out the OBVIOUS and get in a light hearted smart ass comment about the band playing. It’s officially redundant and now comes off as disingenuous as “I didn’t expect THIS”.

I know it’s been done before, but for an award show to give an award to another award show is completely retard-diculous. This year it just irks me more than before. It was the award for “Writing for Variety or Music Special”. The Kennedy Center Honors, which is basically an ego stroke award show for one person, and the Oscar Award show and Tony Award Show were up. The only two programs nominated that make sense were the Bill Maher and Wanda Sykes comedy specials. Both were “okay”, but at least they weren’t award shows. There was plenty of comedy specials they could have ran with. It could be eligible for next year, but why not the Aziz Ansari special on Comedy Central? That was the funniest stand up special I’ve seen all year.

I’m a big fan of Breaking Bad. It’s a great show and deserved the love it got. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul rocked it and should be applauded for their work on this past season. They took basic cable television to a new plateau. But for the love of all that is good in the world Michael C. Hall should not have walked out of The Emmys without a little statue. I know Lithgow got one, but the fourth season of Dexter was just too damn good, especially in the last seconds, to not be acknowledged. I’m also a fan of Mad Men, but this last season was the weakest. This is where Dexter could of gotten it’s time to shine or at least Breaking Bad or the awesomely over the top second season of True Blood. I enjoy Mad Men, but out of the four shows of the six nominated for “Drama Series” it was the least awesome this past year.

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