"Top 4 Future VMA Hosts"

Dane Cook 2010 should host the show and they should jump on the chance ASAP. Daniel Tosh has developed a pretty big following due to his Tosh.0 show. The show is a complete rip off of “Web Soup” and the other three dozen “stand in front of a green screen and make fun of web video” shows. But Tosh’s snarky humor makes it work. It’s like overnight he’s become everyone’s favorite comedian… sorta like how Dane Cook was a few years ago. I don’t know if it’s sad or not, but this time I’m on board. I like Daniel Tosh and I hope he stays around in some capacity after this hype surge wears off. Him hosting the VMAs would be fun and a very popular choice. Unless the VMAs double dip on Chelsea or the Tosh Kool-Aid wears off, I’d not be surprised at all if he’s hosting next year.

Why not? It’s like she’d care if she pissed anyone off. I really doubt you’d see Joan apologize for offending the Jonas Brother’s virginity, Jessica Simpson’s stupidity, or anything for that matter. Joan Rivers has somehow in recent months regained some love and respect. I think deep down we’ve always respected her take no prisoners attitude, but with the documentary and the press for it we’ve regained some perspective on her. She’s been around forever, has done so many different things in entertainment, and has survived so much that I think it’s impossible to not like her at least a little. The thing about her that always gets the most attention is her “offensive” comments about things. Imagine her hosting the MTV VMAs. She’d rip right through everyone, get tons of press, and brush that nonsense right off her shoulder as she goes on to poke at whatever comes next. She’s like the great Betty White, but without the 50% laugh/50% pity laugh thing she has going on.

Talk show hosts are an easy pick when it comes to hosting an award show. With MTV in 2010, they went with Chelsea Handler. The Emmys went with Jimmy Fallon, but in the past we’ve seen Letterman, Conan, and Arsenio host award shows. There aren’t many picks out there. Leno? No way. No one wants to see that guy anymore after his antics. Basically, it comes to choosing between George Lopez and Craig Ferguson. To be perfectly honest, both are my favorite two talk show hosts currently on TV. Either of them would be good. George Lopez’s humor would probably embrace the pop culture and celebrities on the show, while Craig wouldn’t give a sh*t and tear into people. I think that kind of stuff makes for better award shows, especially MTV ones. I’d be cool with either, but with Craig being edgier I have to go with him. He is the best talk show host on TV right now and I’m not even sure Conan’s return can change that at this point.

I’m pretty sure the underworld, illuminati, all organized religions, and government are in cahoots in developing Joel McHale. I’m convinced the plan is to slowly push him along to bigger and better things. First was “The Soup”, which people love him on. Next is the awesome NBC comedy “Community”, which people love him on as well. I even heard rumors that NBC is “grooming” him to take over Leno’s spot once he decides to retire or dies. I like Joel McHale. He’s like the perfect combo of old school Bill Murray and old school Chevy Chase. It’s like their bloods mixed during that old SNL brawl they had back in the day and Lorne Michaels sneakily bottled it up and sold it to fund “Kids In The Hall”. Who bought it? Who knows? But the fact of the matter is that Joel McHale is awesome, knows pop culture and is now becoming pop culture. He’d edgy enough for the kids and charming enough for the general masses…. A perfect host.

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