Site Updates for March 2014
Checking out EVERYTHING from DLP has never been THIS easy!

Digital Lizard Productions LLC is upping its game in 2014. Great strides have been made thus far, including the actual formation of Digital Lizard Productions LLC. After seven years of operations and independent releases, the company moves to the next step in its ever growing myth.

The main portal for a company focused on digital media is the home base. DLP’s home base is DigitalLizardProductions.com. It’s where Digital Lizard present itself in the form of 100+ hours of free video content, 1000+ blogs and columns, movies, web shows, and more.

Naturally, it’s important to Digital Lizard Productions to make clear that ‘our home is your home.’ To focus on this mission DLP has put in time to make sure DigitalLizardProductions.com is as easy to explore as ever!

Some things you should notice:

• Content Alert! Digital Lizard Production is proud to release the stand-up comedy special, “Keith Evans: Local Hero”. It was shot and released on DVD in 2012, this 40+ minute special finally makes it to the internet. Watch it now, for FREE at DigitialLizardProductions.com

• Regular viewers will instantly notice DigitalLizardProductions.com has a brand new home page! It’s a bolder and easier to navigate lay out that gives a broader peak of the week in DLP.

• There is now a “link block” at the bottom of each page. With this, the viewer can always have access to the heart of Digital Lizard Productions. Everything is categorized and organized for easy access.

Digital Lizard Productions uses html with other snippets of code to fill in the gaps. Today’s general direction seems to be to throw together a Wordpress and call it a day. It’s easy, lazy, and unimaginative. We feel the hands on personal touches of the experience we’re sharing make it worth the time and risk.

Then again if you wanted boring, run-of-the-mill entertainment then you’d not be visiting this page to begin with.

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