New Programming is Coming in 2014
New Content Coming Soon!

The ongoing growth of Digital Lizard Productions LLC is off to a great start since finally forming the LLC last month.

DLP has released an awesome stand-up comedy special from Keith Evans, drew media coverage and attention from some great news outlets, released numerous columns and the new refocused direction of the company is really starting to take shape.

As what Digital Lizard Production epitomizes changes, grows and evolves into the digital media and promotions company that the company has reached towards for the past seven years, one thing is certain to remain the same.


In addition to the 100 plus hours of video, the 1000 plus blogs, and all the free content available from Digital Lizard Productions LLC, more digital distractions are coming.

In the upcoming weeks, visitors of DigitalLizardProductions.com will be seeing new blogs, new videos, and fresh new content.

Let your mind wander through the obscurity, the inspired and the unexpected, that only a company as bold, unique and undeniable as Digital Lizard Productions can present.

Announcements will be made soon about new web features including new blogs, new web shows and more.

Stay tuned to DigitalLizardProductions.com for updates!

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