Welcome to DLP LLC 2014
Digital Lizard Productions LLC is off to a great 2014. The independent business has seen itself grow into a productive, cutting edge production companythat specializes in digital media productions and promotions. Over the past few years the production side of the company has released movies, web series, live shows and more.

“It’s definitely an ongoing progress,” said Executive Producer Mike Goodpaster, “we have a good amount of projects all at various levels of production that’ll start showing up in the next few weeks and months.” He continued, “This doesn’t take away from anything we’ve done so far because our recent progress is well earned.”

Digital Lizard Productions has been around since 2007 on some level. The early years were basically a live production company, shooting many Chicagoland concerts and shows. Under the branding of Digital Lizard Productions, the once two-man camera crew would shoot bands like Fashion Bomb, Fun Club, Disonic, Comasoft, and others at venues like Metro, Reggies Rock Club, The Abbey Pub, the Pearl Room, and more

Fast forward seven years and things have changed. While bands like Fashion Bombcontinue to flourish and tour the country, most of the bands DLP shot and even some of the venues DLP shot at are gone.

Digital Lizard Productions is still here.

Since 2007, Digital Lizard Productions has seen EXTENSIVE growth. To celebrate the companies first seven years in existence a special “Welcome to DLP” information video has been made. (featured above) This “info-vid”, narrated by Executive Producer Mike Goodpaster, is a one minute run down of what Digital Lizard Productions is and has accomplished thus far.

“There is a lot of pride in what we’ve accomplished so far,” said Goodpaster. He concluded, “the only thing that eclipses that buzz is the excitement of what’s to come!”

Digital Lizard Productions LLC recently confirmed new web productions are coming soon.

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