The (Slow and Steady) Rise of Social Media
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Last week Digital Lizard Productions put forth a new initiative called "Mission: Social Media Rehab". The objective behind this plan is to increase the company's social media presence on platforms like Facebook, twitter, and soon even more social media hang outs.

Since this plan and effort started, the main focus has been Facebook. The DLP Facebook page was a lot like the other social media outlets, barely used and almost never engaged. There were sadly, and to be 100 percent honest, only a few dozen fans who "Liked" the page. After a lot of pushing, promotion and some great friends helping out, DLP is genuinely thrilled to hit the 100 "like" mark.

While millions of companies and artists have thousands and even millions of “likes", DLP would still like to celebrate the small victories.

The next focus in this campaign is Twitter. Like the Facebook page, we had a Twitter but neglected it. In fact, our Twitter page was hacked and a whole bunch of spam was sent from it. After cleaning it up, changing the password and some organization the Twitter page is now up to date. It’s all dressed up and now it needs somewhere to go. Why not YOUR feed? “Follow” us!

Help us, Help you... Stay entertained!

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Thanks! -Mike

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