What People Are Saying About ‘Local Hero’!
A Backstory & Fan Feedback

A few weeks ago, on March 3rd to be exact, Digital Lizard Productions LLC dusted off one of its more recent DVD releases and put it online for viewers, and hopefully fans, for the first time. That release would be “Local Hero”.

“Keith Evans: Local Hero” was the first and so far only stand-up comedy special that the independent production company has taken on. “The intention wasn’t to boost the DVD sales on Amazon.com or anything like that,” said director and producer of the special Mike Goodpaster.

Keith Evans, a long time staple of DLP, has been taking bookings anywhere and everywhere, hitting every open mic he can and constantly working on new material. This is not uncommon as it’s what any young comedian faces when paying their dues. The difference is that Keith and DLP has been capturing each step of the process and sharing it, for better or for worse, with the world on DigitalLizardProductions.com. Upon entering the comedy world, Keith’s first open mic spots are captured in a short run web series called “Stand Up Suicide”. Not too long after, Keith started hosting and booking shows around the Northwest Indiana region. Digital Lizard Productions was there and captured the first year and a half of these monthly shows in a stand-up comedy showcase series called “DLP Presents”.

In April of 2012, Digital Lizard Productions loaded up the equipment and made it’s way to Crown Point, Indiana to shoot Keith Evan’s first stand-up comedy special “Local Hero”. The result would be a DVD exclusive release of Keith’s first hourish of somewhat polished material. The release was made available on Amazon.com. It didn’t gain much steam, but those who did actually pick up the DVD or was fortunate enough to see one of the production copies always enjoyed it. It could even be said that it became somewhat of an “underground hit” among the Chicagoland comedy fans. Regardless of response, sales or “street cred”, “Local Hero” was a pivotal point in the progress of Keith’s stand up work.

At that point Keith’s journey took him to Chicago. Again, this isn’t anything groundbreaking as any focused young comedian migrates to the bigger cities for more mic time and exposure. The time in Chicago has allotted Keith to make remarkable advances in his goals and dreams.

Basically, he’s better. A lot better. Before Keith and DLP crosses that bridge to the inevitable follow-up, it was decided to put the 2012 DVD special online for the first time as a “digital exclusive”.

Goodpaster explained, “I hadn’t seen much of Keith’s live work in the past year or so but I finally made it to a show late last year. Once I saw how far he had come since he first started, this special came to mind. It’s not perfect at all, but it’s a cool moment that was captured in the impressive progress Keith made. We had to share it.”

Since sharing it Keith has been asking for anyone and everyone to share their honest feedback. While he has grown leaps and bounds he wants to get better. The only way is for people to watch his work and to share their thoughts.

So far, Keith and DLP have managed to get some flattering, honest and amusing responses:

"I thought it was pretty damn funny!"
- Annie Vraniskoski

"7.5 out of 10"
- Justin Niven

"It's young and rough and full of "umms and likes", but it is Keith Evans, who is the best comedian who ever lived... and I say that without reservation... and because Keith is reading this. If Keith weren't reading this, I'd probably say Lenny Bruce, Bill Hicks, or Patton Oswalt."
- Todd McNeely

Watch the free 40+ minute comedy special and share YOUR feedback today.


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