"First World Answers" Media Coverage
Digital Lizard Productions LLC gains media coverage from the release of the new daily web show "First World Answers".

This past Monday Digital Lizard Productions LLC launched an all new daily web show called “First World Answers”. The concept is simple. We’ve all heard the tedious phrase “first world problems” and this Monday through Friday show finds the solution.

Hosts and DLP producers Mike Goodpaster and Keith Evans share in a daily discussion that covers the obscure and inane questions we all have been wondering and tackle the topics that anyone in their right mind would disregard as silly or outrageous.

Luckily for everyone, Mike and Keith have no problem being silly OR outrageous. In the first week the two cohorts dove deep into questions like “What is the most annoying uplifting cliché?”, “What is the most underrated Will Ferrell movie?”, and even “What happens first: first black hockey superstar or second black US President?”.

The response thus far has been trickling in with the view counts going up steadily every day. With a month worth of episodes already shot, it’s very encouraging to see the media exposure start to stack up.

Three of the biggest press media outlets picked up the press release announcing the show:

We at Digital Lizard Productions LLC would like to kindly thank everyone for their support so far but we also encourage you to stick with us. We have A LOT more on deck and plenty more questions that’ll need to be watched, enjoyed and responded to.

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