Week In Review 3/30/14
Digital Lizard Productions in review for the fourth week of March 2014.

There is nothing better than putting in the work and seeing results.

For years we’ve worked on movies, web shows and other creative projects. We’ve had some great experiences and have seen various levels of success both internally and externally. Internally, we’re proud of what we do. It’s fun to escape the day to day nonsense of the world, create something fun, and share it. Being able to create a world and share that world is priceless. Externally, we’ve seen our share of love. We have an awesome group of fans who have become family and friends over the years. We don’t take ANY of it for granted. We know life is busy and there are millions of options out there so when you take a few minutes to watch a video or read a column it means the world to us. In exchange for your time we attempt to provide the best entertainment, distractions, and engaging discussions as possible.

Right now, things are rocking. We’ve taken a more direct focus with the DLP brand. In the past the company has been a “label” we’d use to group our projects. In the past few short weeks, Digital Lizard Productions has entered a new chapter, a great chapter.

As an LLC we’ve seen great media coverage, our social media reach expand greatly and our ambitions and focus redefined to undertake a precise set of goals and plans. 2014 is going to be the best year for Digital Lizard Productions, that’s for damn sure.

This week:

• DLP released an “info-video”! It’s a simple one minute video that visually and verbally describes, showcases, represents, and brags about what we’ve done so far in under seven years. The numbers speak for themselves. This project really did start as a casual venture and has evolved into a multi-fuctional multi-media little engine that could. This video is a very cool look back, but it’s a short look because we’ll be eclipsing these accomplishments and more in no time. It still doesn’t hurt to stop and smell the roses every once in awhile.

On Thursday, we released a news piece on “Local Hero” , the 40+ minute stand-up comedy special that stars DLP’s Keith Evans and that’s currently on this very site for FREE. The piece shows off a few quotes from fans and friends who have watched the 2012 special and explains why DLP decided to release the show as a “digital exclusive” almost two years after it was originally released on DVD at Amazon.com.

Our social media reach on Facebook continues to rise. Have YOU “Liked” us yet?! Read more about “The (Slow and Steady) Rise of Social Media” here!

• Can’t You READ?! More rants, rambles, and columns were posted in the “Blog” section this week. The biggest written feature is still “The Savage Animal”. It’s going on its 400th issue but it’s most recent covers the second half of “Top 20 Nine Inch Nails Music Videos” with my take on the top ten videos of my favorite band. Then we get into the “Preview Review”, which takes a look at the trailer for the new Arnold movie “Sabotage”, there’s a rant about Spring, and this time there’s a movie review for “Inside Llewyn Davis”; a Coen’s Brother movie that’s not set in the desert. Go check that stuff out now!

Stay tuned! Things are about to get pretty “questionable” in DLP….

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