Independent Production Co. Unveils Promotions and Marketing Services
Digital Lizard Productions LLC offers unique digital marketing and promotions services.

March 31st, 2014 – Lake Station, INAfter more than seven years of producing independent films, web series, live events, and a successful entertainment website Digital Lizard Productions LLC is applying this experience to now offer digital promotions and marketing services.

Headed by Executive Producer and CEO Mike Goodpaster, the company now shares years of experience and passion with small businesses, artists, bands, and anyone in need of design, video, or full digital marketing and branding direction.

Digital marketing is not a fad or something to put off until tomorrow, it’s here and now. If you’re a small business in need or just trying to digitally catch-up then it’s crucial to present your business, product, or event in the best way possible without destroying your budget,” states Goodpaster. “This is where Digital Lizard Productions comes in!”

By offering a jam-packed range of promotional and marketing needs, Digital Lizard Productions LLC joins a variety of companies and firms seeking to attract the commerce of local business. The difference is that Digital Lizard Productions is providing an assortment of services as well as focusing on guiding clients through the process, so they can eventually do it themselves.

While being one itself, Digital Lizard Productions is a small business advocate that clearly understands the passion, the work ethic and the risks taken of the small business owner. Through 100% self promotion DLP has garnered over 4.5 million page views on their website, DigitalLizardProductions.com. Their videos have generated over 500,000 views, proving they can and will establish brand identity and marketing direction you can rely on.

The company’s website features full length movies, web shows, comedy specials, blogs, and more. For more information about Digital Lizard Production’s Promotion and Marketing services including services, pricing investments, and more visit: DigitalLizardProductions.com/promotions.html

Digital Lizard Productions’ web presence is bold, unique, and undeniable. Since 2010 DigitalLizardProductions.com has earned approximately 4.5 million page views by providing free full length films, regular web shows and specials, topical blogs, music performances, and more. Digital Lizard Productions’ free video content has generated over 500,000 views. Select projects of Digital Lizard Productions are listed on the Internet Movie Database (imdb.com), and can be purchased on DVD on Amazon.com. Digital Lizard Productions not only has a finger on the pulse of today’s most trailblazing entertainment, but the company boasts the innovations of tomorrow. For more information please visit: DigitalLizardProductions.com

Michael Goodpaster

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