“Unpaid Programming 2”: Coming Soon!
A Sequel is Coming Soon!

Last April, Digital Lizard Productions released “Mike Goodpaster’s Unpaid Programming”, a 33 minute web special that featured 18 different commercial parodies. In this web special DLP’s Mike Goodpaster stepped in front of the camera for the first time as he shared sketches and went after celebrity indulgence, frivolous politics, useless products, movies, and television.

To say it was the most successful Digital Lizard Productions release so far would be an understatement. After being viewed over 250,000 times on YouTube it was a pretty easy decision to follow it up. Over the past year or so Mike has written, directed, starred in, and edited new commercial sketches a little at a time.

“It didn’t happen overnight. I took my time in order to work on other projects and to make sure it’s not a rushed project. It’ll be interesting to watch it and see my appearance change and my weight fluctuates over the special due to a mixed shooting schedule,” said Mike. “I got to revisit old characters, take on new issues, and basically just have a lot of fun.”

It is hoped that the fun that went into making the project translates to a fun viewing experience for Digital Lizard fans new and old. All of the popular characters from the original special return in this all new sequel. The bizarre action star “Geronimo Sexy”, Dutch rapper “Hanz Indahare”, home shopping host “Gavin Mahoney”, and all the original characters return plus more in the second part of the series.

While Part 2 will be released soon, it is encourages to catch up and/or look back at the original 18 commercial sketches from the April 2013 release.
-Click Here for the original Unpaid Programming!-

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