Week In Review 4/13/14
Digital Lizard Productions in review for the second week of April 2014.

WrestleMania week is over. For those who enjoy a good round of ‘rasslin, it was a huge week. Ultimate Warrior died, Undertaker’s Streak is over and Daniel Bryan won the World Title. A man’s life is obviously the most important of those three and it’s a shame to see him go after just coming back into the mix. From a current fan situation, Daniel Bryan winning is huge step towards the future and Taker’s streak being ended is a clear end to the past. It’s a strange time. The heroes from the 80’s are dropping like flies, the “Attitude” era people and the “Ruthless Aggression” people are old and starting to fade away, and the current generation is starting to take shape. It’s strange and exciting.

But enough about wrestling.

Digital Lizard Productions continues to stride forward. It wasn’t a big news release week or anything, but progress continues to happen. We can’t put out a big new press release every week because we’d oversaturate ourselves. We know we have supporters, fans, and people who keep up with us. If we put out a news item every week and proclaimed it was the biggest news ever it would be hard for people to take us seriously when we do put out a new project, release, or big news item. It’s pretty much the marketing version of “the boy who cried wolf”.

We’re Digital LIZARD productions LLC. No wolves, folks. No wolves.

In the next two weeks or so we’ll probably slow down a little though. We have to take SOME “closed set” time to create new content to share and unleash on you all. I have at least two shooting days on the horizon along with a couple possibilities that could lead to even MORE content. This would be stuff that we didn't have in our 2014 game plan so it's a definite bonus!

There is some production going on right under your nose. Outside of life being busy for a few of us, we’ve still managed to arrange some awesome stuff to share with everyone. There’s more “First World Answers” on the horizon, “Unpaid Programming” is coming back with a sequel and there’s another project or two up our sleeves for release. These are things that’ll be released within the next few weeks.

Even bigger projects are on the horizon after these. Brace yourself for excellence.

Keith Evans and I continue to take care of all your “first world problems” with our original DLP web show “FIRST WORLD ANSWERS”. The first fifteen episodes are online now. People seem to like more than others, but that’s expected. Some people don’t have the same “problems” so it happens. One thing we DO need is some feedback. We’re going to keep harassing you about it so why not take a couple minutes, drink a cup of coffee or smoke a cigarette, watch the daily discussion, and then share your answer. Then if you’re feeling even more generous, why not hit that “Share” button on facebook and let your social media world know about us.

If you missed ANY of last week’s episodes you can find them below. Watch & Comment!:
011 : Who Will Main Event WrestleMania 31?
012 : Would You Rather Be a Vampire, Werewolf or Wizard?
013 : What is the Greatest Canned Good?
014 : What is the “Best” Limp Bizkit Song?
015 : Would You Rather Meet an Alien or Meet an Angel?

Here’s the line-up of “first world problems” that we’ll be providing “FIRST WORLD ANSWERS” to this upcoming week:
016 : You Have $3 and Taxes Don’t Exist. What Do You Order From McDonalds?
017 : What is the Best Jock Jams Song?
018 : Sisqo or Nelly?
019 : What is the Best “Last Supper”?
020 : How Does the Easter Bunny Get All of Those Eggs?
-Click Here for ALL the Episodes!-

One very notable news item this week was that Keith Evan’s old blog “Evans From The Heavens” returned. Keith wrote this blog in 2010 and 2011, sometimes under the WORST possible blogging conditions imaginable, and I really think it was one of his best outlets for unleashing his brainwaves to the masses before he started doing stand-up comedy. Looking back at those old columns you could easily see the dude on stage going off on the same topics.

It’s back!

Keith is going to share his insight on random pop culture, the process of his stand up, and whatever else is on his warped and disturbed mind.

-Click Here for the return blog!-

READ STUFF! (please!)
Besides the return of Keith’s blog, I’m still cranking out the word count. I’ve hit a “spork in the road” this week. I’ve come to terms that I can’t continue to keep writing weekly editions of “The Savage Animal”. I started writing it for 411mania.com in June of 2006. That’s a LONG ASS TIME to write a weekly column. I’ve taken a week or two off here and there and had a month or so long hiatus about a year and a half ago, but all in all I’ve written over 390 of these things. I love music and I love writing, but thinking of a new topic every week and forcing myself to keep up with the schedules and deadlines have become a bit of a daunting task.

I’m NOT done writing. I’m still going to be dropping movie reviews, preview reviews, rants, and all of that other stuff every week. I don’t have to pull too much out of my brain to do these. I’m just worn out from thinking of new topics every week, writing a few thousand words, and then putting them on a website for someone else to profit and gain off of. I appreciated the exposure, but after SIX YEARS it’s too long to not really gain anything from it that I could already from a fun phone conversation or writing a rant. Then there’s this whole aspect of my blogs regularly being buried on the site behind cleavage shots of celebrities I’ve never heard of, tons of REALLY ANNOYING pop-up ads, or editors that feature their own blogs, often of topics I covered already, over others. Why would I want to contribute to that?

Any ho… On Monday I reviewed the trailer for Draft Day. Wednesday’s movie review was for the underrated “Out of the Furnace”. Friday was rant/n/rave day as I shared my WrestleMania XXX review that I wrote before Warrior died. I did another “Worst Case Scenario” where I take a look at wrestling and put my own horrible twist on the worst possible route they could go with a certain idea. This time it was WWE Literally Pushes John Cena To the Moon! And one of the last “Savage Animal” columns dropped today too. This week, I reviewed my Top 8 Marilyn Manson Albums . Lots of writing! I can’t wait to debut the new columns so every single word isn’t written by me on this site. *day dreams* That’ll be the day…

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