Week In Review 4/27/14
Digital Lizard Productions in review for the fourth week of April 2014.

Things aren’t as quiet as they seem. I’ve been working on a few things and brainstorming some potential ideas for the next few months of Digital Lizard Productions. At the start of the year I made a rough outline of what projects and plans would be released and when they’d be put out there for the world to consume. Some things are being shifted around, reworked, and potentially replaced with better ideas.

Meanwhile, we’ve been wrapping up some planned projects that’ll be seeing life on the internet sooner than later. One project revolves around one of the more recent web specials we released being looked at one last time before moving forward to the next step in THAT area of DLP. Another is the release of “Unpaid Programming 2”. I started writing, shooting, and editing this for about a year now. A good chunk of it is already shot, edited, and ready to be shared but then there are a few segments and big parts that are still lingering in production. Once schedules line up right, I’ll shoot the rest with my featured star and be able to share this beast. It’ll be another 15 or so commercial sketches that tackle the obscure and pop culture in general. After that’s put out there, a surprise project will be casually released. I continue to make personal strides, but it was shot out of order. It’ll be strange to see myself chubbier and less chubby and then chubby again and less chubby due to the long term shooting schedule. I just hope the work and love that went into “Unpaid Programming 2” translates into a funny and entertaining time for people. Same can be said for the other project I clearly don’t want to reveal just yet. THAT project will be funny and informative. Hopefully.

It’s a very important time in DLP history. I’m pretty much at a “spork in the road”. I don’t know what route to take things. Like everyone, my life in obviously limited so what to actually focus my passion and creativity on is a bit blurry. I’m attempting to figure out the next big steps of DLP, but they’ll come soon enough. There are plenty of great ideas to choose from and some really interesting ones bouncing around my head. Times are a’ changing!

But there’s still all of this…

I keep posting these videos and people keep watching. That’s a good thing. Keith and I put in the time to solve all of the “first world problems” we can in one sitting and then I take the video, edit, make them look pretty, and then I upload and release EVERY SINGLE WEEK DAY!! It’s fun for us to banter and hopefully it’s fun for YOU to watch. Let us know by watching, commenting, and letting the world know that we are doing the world a service.

If you missed ANY of last week’s episodes you can find them below. Watch & Comment!:
021 : What is the Best Nickname for Marijuana?
022 : Who is the Best Tag Team of All Time?
023 : Who is the Coolest Fictitious Dinosaur?
024 : What Was the Best 90’s Tabloid Scandal?
025 : What is the “Mount Rushmore” of SNL Hosts?

Here’s the line-up of “first world problems” that we’ll be providing “FIRST WORLD ANSWERS” to this upcoming week:
026 : Who was the Most Annoying TV Kid?
027 : What is the Coolest Kind of Gimmick Match?
028 : What is the Best Board Game?
029 : What is the Stupidest Popular Hair Style?
030 : Who’d Win in a Fist Fight: Helen Mirren or Meryl Streep?
-Click Here for ALL the Episodes!-

Every small business, cause and entertainer needs to have an online presence. As you can clearly see by the numbers we’ve racked up, the content we’ve shared, and constant innovation DLP specializes in digital media and promotions. For the first time in our seven plus years of being around and making an impact, we’re opening our doors to helping YOU.

If you or anyone you know could use a digital make-over, a foot in the social media door, or marketing direction please send them our way.
-Click Here for the DLP Promotions Website!-

This was a great week for the DLP Blog section. Tons of awesome content was put out there. Meanwhile, I’ve decided to end my run of “The Savage Animal”. I’ve been writing this column since before DLP existed on 411mania.com. Times and motivations have certainly changed since 2006. The decision was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. Within the next two months the column will officially be over with. Next week I’ll share WHY I’m moving on specifically from the MASSIVELY popular website 411mania.com and ponder some potential replacement blogs for DLP. Don’t panic. I will continue to write and share my thoughts here at DigitalLizardProductions.com

One door closes and another opens as “K.L.” debuted her new column “The Bump Factory”. She used to write for the site under the blog “Estrogen Nut” and has appeared in multiple web shows and two of the DLP movies. She’s starting her journey into professional wrestling and this new feature will share her experiences, mindset, and influences. So far, it’s been a good read.

Keith dropped the second return “Evans From the Heavens” with a blog titled “She Is Woman”. He playfully covers the hypocritical side of feminism. The best response to the blog was from a female DLP supporter was “Oh, fuck off”. What would spark THAT kind of reaction? Read the column and find out!

This upcoming week I’ll be releasing a “statement” (fancy news blog item) about why I’m ending “The Savage Animal” after eight years, why I’m leaving 411mania.com and what direction I’m toying with in replacing the slot here on DigitalLizardProductions.com. I have a few ideas on that and a long winded and honest ramble about my lack of interest and distress with 411mania.com. There is no “heat”, at least on my part, but I’m just at a point where my work should benefit me and those I actually know and care about. I’m stopping at 399. There are only a few weeks left so enjoy my journey through the downward spiral…

This week I checked out the indie rock artist hero St. Vincent and listened to all of their/her albums and shared my thoughts. I looked into the “worst case scenario” of Ring of Honor wrestling becoming an all “shoot fighting” company in order to spark some kind of life and personality into its dull as shit product, I ranted and raved about TV snobs who are displaying clear hypocritical tendencies, there is a movie review where I find out I liked “Lone Survivor” WAY more than I expected or probably even wanted to, and I look at the movie trailer for “Neighbors”. It’s all top notch digital literature and you’ll be smarter if you read it.

I wasn’t the only one dropping words on ya’ll. K.L. returned with the second edition of her weekly column “Bump Journal”. She continues to share her thought process of professional wrestling and her epic journey into becoming a bumpin’ machine. It’s inspiring, entertaining and a great read.

And finally, on Thursday Keith Evans shared his personal “sex resume” with a biographical rant about his sex life, opinions and alleged reputation. It’s one of those columns you don’t want to be caught reading and should probably read while fully clothed. Otherwise, you might end up pregnant… or at least suspiciously itchy. Just read it!

Stay tuned!

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