Week In Review 5/4/14
Digital Lizard Productions in review for the first week of May 2014.

This has been a busy week. I’ve found myself pulling myself out of my own expected goals. Every day there are new episodes of First World Answers posted, new columns posted, and social media pushes for all of it. There is a lot of content being shared. Keeping up with it all is a task in itself, but I actually try to get ahead of myself so I’m not working to face any release deadlines. Instead I bust ass to get ahead of it all and set my own personal deadlines. Sometimes I exceed expectations and other times I slip a little due to outside life. My outside life has been transitioning into a new era of my time so it’s been a little rough. I’m not falling behind though. I’m just not sleeping more than five or so hours a night.

The scary part is that there is MORE content on top of this routine on the horizon. Not only did Keith and I shoot another session of “First World Answers” this past week but we shot a web special where Keith looks back at the 40+ minute “Local Hero” comedies special. It’s pretty much a cross between a director’s cut and Mystery Science Theatre. It’s 97% Keith explaining himself and 3% of me talking to him off camera. It was a fun look back at the 2012 special and hopefully shows insight into the comedian’s brain and gets you hyped up for the next special that’ll come later in the year. I’ve already said too much. Just prepare for the “Local Hero: Comedian Cut” web special to come in the upcoming weeks.

I’ve also spoken to a certain co-star of mine and the final segments of my “Unpaid Programming” sequel should be shot in the next week or two. If it’s half as fun to watch as it’ll be to shoot then it’ll be a pretty awesome time.

On to the updates…

”FIRST WORLD ANSWERS”: 6 Weeks Strong!
I keep posting these videos and people keep watching. That’s a good thing. Keith and I put in the time to solve all of the “first world problems” we can in one sitting and then I take the video, edit, make them look pretty, and then I upload and release EVERY SINGLE WEEK DAY!! It’s fun for us to banter and hopefully it’s fun for YOU to watch. Let us know by watching, commenting, and letting the world know that we are doing the world a service.

First World Answers has officially been up and running now for six full weeks. Over the past month and a half we’ve seen some great responses and some have had some great laughs making these videos. The concept is really catching on. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel or get super political or serious. For the past few years girls and girly men make the snarky statement of “First world problems!” in terms to small and futile issues that people have. It’s not like life or death or anything too dire. It’s those little random issues and questions that people waste time on.

For us, it’s a pleasure to waste time debating the nonsense of the world. These are conversations that Keith and I would be having anyway. We always talked about starting a podcast based on the crazy conversations we’ve had over the years. I never wanted to really go the typical “two dudes talking” route because I didn’t really think it would catch on. If you check out itunes, most of the top podcasts are by famous people or backed by a lot of cash. We aren’t famous and have real world problems in terms of finance. This idea came late last year and finally took shape about two months ago. Now we’re thirty episodes in and there are no signs of stopping anytime in the foreseeable future. Just KEEP WATCHING and TELL YOUR FRIENDS… if you actually have any. Do you? Prove it! We all have “First World Problems”… Share First World Answers today!

If you missed ANY of last week’s episodes you can find them below. Watch & Comment!:
026 : Who was the Most Annoying TV Kid?
027 : What is the Coolest Kind of Gimmick Match?
028 : What is the Best Board Game?
029 : What is the Stupidest Popular Hair Style?
030 : Who’d Win in a Fist Fight: Helen Mirren or Meryl Streep?

Here’s the line-up of “first world problems” that we’ll be providing “FIRST WORLD ANSWERS” to this upcoming week:
031 : Who is the Most Tolerable Latino Comedian?br> 032 : What is the Best WWE Film?
033 : What is the Best Magazine of All Time?
034 : What is the Best Judd Apatow Movie?
035 : Who is the Hottest TV Mom?
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WORDS TO LIVE BY(or at least read on a screen)
This week was another solid week of blogs and columns.

KL dropped the third “Bump Journal” this week. To me, it was the best one yet! She talks about her first bumps and facing her fears head on. It takes a certain kind of person to survive the training process of professional wrestling. You have to be fearless, relentless, and willing to give more of yourself than you ever thought you had in you. KL is displaying that and it’s great to see her journey and hear her take on the wrestling world. She’s surely a beautiful woman, but she’s not a typical girly type who’s getting into wrestling as a way to get famous. She’s a performer and a damn good one. I truly believe that if she sticks with it and takes the right path she WILL achieve the deserved validation that everyone putting in any kind of effort or passion earns and deserves. Go read it!

She moves forward as I take a step back. My column of eight years, “The Savage Animal”, is officially ending the first week of June with a big #399 finale. I’ve been writing for 411mania.com for way too long and need to get away from it before the potential viruses and numerous ads and popups destroy my computer or phone. I’m going to keep writing about stuff on the DLP page, but there is no way I can keep putting 2, 3, or even 4,000 new words a week on a random music topic for no just reward. This week I shared my take on the music videos of Five Finger Death Punch. It wasn’t too bad. I have the next few weeks plotted out and I’m excited to go out full of influence and enjoyment. I’ve been burnt out for so long with that site that an end on the horizon is a very welcoming thought. I also did a new movie review, a preview review, and shared my predictions for WWE’s “Extreme Rules”. Check it out to see how right I was!

Stay tuned!

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