Week In Review 5/11/14
Digital Lizard Productions in review for the second week of May 2014.

Some weeks move faster than others. This was one of those weeks. I’m still adjusting to a new schedule, but am still squeezing in some DLP time. I wrote my last Savage Animal, which was weird. First World Answers continues to rock and two other projects are slowly and surely wrapping up and seeing their release on the horizon…

Local Hero: Comedian Cut: Coming In May! !
I put down what I think and hope is the final edit of “Local Hero: Comedian Cut”, a new DLP web special. We at DLP sure as hell know how to milk a project! “Local Hero” was a live stand-up comedy special shot in April of 2012. We put it on DVD and released it through amazon.com and then we recently put it on digitallizardproductions.com for free viewing. We were going to just leave it at that but the 40 plus minute video gained more views and acclaim than we had planned for. I watched it, like you better have already, and enjoyed the hell out of it. It’s not a perfect release. The video is impressive but my high standards still finds things in it I could have done differently in retrospect. The comedy is hilarious, but Keith can find bits and pieces that don’t live up to his standards.

That’s what “Local Hero: Comedian Cut” exposes. Since his first stand-up set and for the entire ride so far, Keith Evans has been very open about his process, journey and evolution as a stand-up comedian. In this follow-up release, Keith sits down and gives a “commentary” of sorts on this 2012 release. He’s honed his craft for two years since this special and has grown leaps and bounds as a performer and comedy writer. He watches the special and shares his thoughts, reasoning and background on what you see in the special.

It’s like you sit there with Keith Evans… while watching Keith Evans.

In two years we promise NOT to make a follow up to this video. We will not ask you to join Keith in watching Keith talk about Keith. Instead, Keith Evans is preparing for his second stand-up comedy special. The plan is shoot this special in late 2014 and release it shortly after. Announcements will come accordingly as we progress forward.

Unpaid Programming 2: Coming Soon too! !
I’ve done some editing and preparing of the follow up to the 2013 web special. The first 30+ minute, 17 segments, sketch comedy commercial parody special gained over 250,000 views. It’s still the most successful video release of DLP’s history. It was basically me stepping in front of the camera for the first time to play a handful of characters in various commercial parodies.

Since then I’ve written, shot, edited, and prepared segments for the sequel! It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally caught up with it all and need to call in my reinforcements. I can’t do EVERY sketch on my own so like the original release I’ve enlisted in Julia K. to share in the funny. She and I will be meeting up soon to shoot the remaining segments!

Once our schedules lock and we shoot, I can pretty much guarantee that within a week or two after that I’ll have the entire project edited, rendered, and ready for release. I’m excited to share this with everyone. It’s got some really stupid parts and some really funny parts. You’ll have to watch it and decide which are which. If you have trouble figuring it out then you’ll have to watch it again and again.

”FIRST WORLD ANSWERS”: Questions Answered!!
I keep posting these videos and people keep watching. That’s a good thing. Keith and I put in the time to solve all of the “first world problems” we can in one sitting and then I take the video, edit, make them look pretty, and then I upload and release EVERY SINGLE WEEK DAY!! It’s fun for us to banter and hopefully it’s fun for YOU to watch. Let us know by watching, commenting, and letting the world know that we are doing the world a service.

First World Answers has officially been up and running now for six full weeks. Over the past month and a half we’ve seen some great responses and some have had some great laughs making these videos. The concept is really catching on. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel or get super political or serious. For the past few years girls and girly men make the snarky statement of “First world problems!” in terms to small and futile issues that people have. It’s not like life or death or anything too dire. It’s those little random issues and questions that people waste time on.

For us, it’s a pleasure to waste time debating the nonsense of the world. These are conversations that Keith and I would be having anyway. We always talked about starting a podcast based on the crazy conversations we’ve had over the years. I never wanted to really go the typical “two dudes talking” route because I didn’t really think it would catch on. If you check out itunes, most of the top podcasts are by famous people or backed by a lot of cash. We aren’t famous and have real world problems in terms of finance. This idea came late last year and finally took shape about two months ago. Now we’re thirty episodes in and there are no signs of stopping anytime in the foreseeable future. Just KEEP WATCHING and TELL YOUR FRIENDS… if you actually have any. Do you? Prove it! We all have “First World Problems”… Share First World Answers today!

Week seven of “First World Answers” is behind us! Keith and I continue to find the answers to all of your “first world problems”. This collection of questions was pretty fun. We celebrated Cinco De Mayo with a look at the most tolerable Latino comedian and then we celebrate mother’s day with “Who is the Hottest TV Mom?” On top of this we spend time figuring out what is the best WWE film, best magazine of all time, and the best Judd Apatow movie. Some questions sparked more feedback than others, but any view, comment, Facebook “like”, and social media “share” is appreciated. We enjoy doing this and have no reason not to continue with more as we progress forward. It would really help us out if more people would engage with feedback and sharing it with friends. The numbers don’t lie. We KNOW you’re watching because the view counts of these videos are pretty good. So why not just watch the short daily video, share a comment with your answer and proceed with your day? You know you want to.

If you missed ANY of last week’s episodes you can find them below. Watch & Comment!:
031 : Who is the Most Tolerable Latino Comedian?
032 : What is the Best WWE Film?
033 : What is the Best Magazine of All Time?
034 : What is the Best Judd Apatow Movie?
035 : Who is the Hottest TV Mom?

Here’s the line-up of “first world problems” that we’ll be providing “FIRST WORLD ANSWERS” to this upcoming week:
036 : What is the Best Baseball Movie Ever?
037 : What is the Mount Rushmore of ECW?
038 : Who is the Best Franco?
039 : Rock, Paper, or Scissors? Why?
040 : What Was the Most Dramatic Sitcom Moment?
-Click Here for ALL the Episodes!-

Blogs: Read them while they’re fresh and while you can!
The second to last “Savage Animal” is up and the last edition has been written. It’s weird that after 8 years of writing this column for 411mania.com that I’m walking away from it. I grew up into a man while writing this column. Sure I’m getting overly sentimental about a blog, but 8 years is a LONG time. No matter what happened in life I would always find time to dedicate a few thousand words of my brain to this every week. I’d have to find new topics to cover, find ways to share my opinion, and just force myself to do it. Some weeks I was inspired, some weeks I dreaded it, and some weeks it was just a big blur. In the eight years I took only like six or so issues off due to filming a movie or a short hiatus to recharge.

The column is about “music”, but for me it was a lot more than that. It was an outlet, a communication to the world, and a pleasure. In all honestly I probably should have stopped five or six years in, but I just got stuck in the routine and forced myself through it. I’m not saying the last few years weren’t inspired, but it was mostly routine. The magic was gone and it became a job. A job that I didn’t get paid for or receive any kind of compensation. Going to 411mania.com to read my own words posted and see if anyone commented was fun but they got CRAZY with the ads and the pop ups. That, along with the way the website was being edited and how many celebrity chick pics were being posted made it pretty clear that my tireless effort and work was not fully being appreciated. Why stick around for that?

Time is a currency that I’m realizing is limited. I’d much rather take the three or four hours a week I spent working on something to make others advertising money doing something… ANYTHING else.

With that, my final edition of “The Savage Animal” is #396 and is titled “Goodbye”. I look back at life, my love for music, how things have changed, my passion for the band Fashion Bomb, and my final goodbyes. 411mania.com used to be a great website, but let’s face it, DigitalLizardProductions.com is much better. If you want bullshit wrestling rumors reprinted from other websites, the latest on pop star gossip, or the column topics I already covered and wrote about re-envisioned by dull writers then go there. If you want inspired writing, entertaining videos, and a website made for the love of it rather than to get naive bloggers to write content so someone else can rake in the money from excessive ads then hit up DLP. Our ads are minimal, the videos are made for enjoyment, and the words are inspired…

KL continues to share her wrestling journey with the latest edition of “The Bump Journal” and Keith Evans returned with the latest “Evans From the Heavens” in which he shared a writing project he’s currently in the middle of. Both columns continue to rock and add a unique perspective to the DLP Blog section. I consider both blogs as weekly “must reads”. Get on that!

I also put out another Random Movie Review, a Preview Review, a Rant/N/Rave, and a new Worst Case Scenario. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be cutting Preview Reviews from the website. I enjoy watching movie trailers, but being forced to watch and write about them every week is a little tedious. It’s not like we don’t have enough content as is it. I prefer quality over quantity.

With video projects getting wrapped and released, long time columns being retired, and all things considered there is plenty of readjustment going on in the world of Digital Lizard Productions. We’re going nowhere and have some really cool things planned and on the horizon. Keep your ear the ground because the DLP train is going to run over your skull with some quality entertainment in the near future. We’re blazing trails, folks! Blazing trails!

Need video work? Design? Brand marketing? Look no further! I've finally caught up with a few of my own projects and work and am taking on some new freelance projects. Let me capture your vision on video or help you gain more attention to your business or product.
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Stay tuned!

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