Week In Review 5/25/14
Digital Lizard Productions in review for the fourth week of May 2014.

Digital Lizard Productions keeps on going and going. No matter how much I feel like we’re not doing enough at the end of every week I realize “oh wow, there’s THAT”. Every week there is more advancement in what we do. There are more columns, more videos and more planning and scheduling for great stuff.

Keep your eyes open wide because we’re going to be filling them with some big things in the near future.

Digital Lizard Productions LLC is thrilled to share that Keith Evans was selected to perform at the Laugh or Die Comedy Fest this year in Chicago. He submitted material in March and recent found out about being accepted into this third annual event that features stand-up comedy, comedy films, vendors, and more. We at DLP are proud to see Keith showing off his comedy chops to bigger and bigger platforms. The Laugh or Die Comedy Fest is June 20th to 22nd at Carl Schurz High School in Chicago, IL. Keith performs that Friday night as part of the stand-up comedy block. Show your support, go and laugh your ass off!

Speaking of Keith…

In 2012 DLP put out “Local Hero” on DVD. For those who live under a rock, it’s Keith Evan’s first stand up comedy special. We shot it in Crown Point, Indiana and it was Keith’s first big show with the training wheels off. He did a great job that night, but after two plus years of honing his craft he’s gotten A LOT better. So much better that when he looks back at it he cringes and sees areas he could have and should have done things differently.

This is where “Local Hero: The Comedian Cut” comes to play. Keith sits down with the 2012 special and dissects the laughs, the bits and the moments. It’s kind of like a “directors commentary”, but better. It’s like you get to sit down and hang out with Keith Evans… while watching Keith Evans. It’s 43 minutes of layered laughter. You can enjoy the original bits, you can enjoy Keith’s take on the original bits, and you can enjoy the whole experience. That’s exactly what this is, a shared experience.

This experiment drops THIS Wednesday! Stay tuned!

We are nine weeks in! We’ve been consistently dropping a daily distraction now for over two months. As of week nine we’ve shared 45 “answers” to very common “first world problems”. Some have gotten more response than others, some have angered a few people and some of the responses we’ve gotten has angered us. It’s been a blast so far and we appreciate the continued support of everyone who shares, likes, and comments on these short form webisodes.

In week nine we mainly talked about “pieces”… girl pieces, boy pieces, Monopoly pieces, pieces of crap… and Eddie Murphy!

If you missed ANY of last week’s episodes you can find them below. Watch & Comment!:
041 : What is the Best Monopoly Piece?
042: Who is a Better Rapper? Nick Cannon or Fred Durst?
043 : Best Nickname for Female Breasts?
044 : What is the Worst Nickname for Penis?
045 : What is the Best Eddie Murphy Character?

THEN… the line-up of “first world problems” that we’ll be providing “FIRST WORLD ANSWERS” to this upcoming week:
046 : What is the Best Military Movie?
047 : Who is More Hated: Lebron James or Lance Armstrong?
048 : What is the Coolest Non-American Country?
049 : How Would You Use a One Way Time Travel Ticket?
050 : Best Hip Hop Group of All Time?
-Click Here for ALL the Episodes!-

This week in the Blog and Column section we saw some goodies.

Keith shared a day-in-the-life diary of his first Chicago comedy show as a producer. After being ON shows for years in Chicago, it was his first attempt of putting together his own show. He’s done it in NWI for years, but this was different. Read about it in his latest “Evans From The Heavans”.

K.L. returns with a new “Bump Journal” focusing on her baby steps into the world of professional wrestling. With each bump she gains more knowledge about the business and more importantly herself. This week she reflects and refocuses as her passion for becoming the best she can be grows stronger... Seriously, read this!

I contributed three columns this week:
FRIDAY: The idea of Money in the Bank is really cool. You take a few wrestlers put them in a ladder match and the prize is a title shot that can be taken at any time the winner wants. This week I ruin it with the “Worst Case Scenario”!

WEDNESDAY: In this week’s Random Movie Review, I watched Wolf of Wall Street and shared my reasoning as to why it was so critically acclaimed… (hint: “It’s great!”)!

MONDAY: For this week’s “Rant/N/Rave” I shared my 8 of MANY reasons why my hometown sucks. I live in Lake Station, Indiana and it’s not a great place to live. Good people? Sure. It’s everything else (and the bad people) that make it horrible. It’s a bit “controversial” to some folks, but nothing in it is untrue or unfelt by an honest citizen of “Our Hometown”.

Stay tuned!

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