Week In Review 6/8/14
Digital Lizard Productions in review for the second week of June 2014.

This past week I didn’t put out a “Week in Review”. It was too busy of a week to pull it off. We released the “Comedian Cut” of the “Local Hero” comedy special starring Keith Evans. Then Keith and I got together last Friday and pulled a marathon to shoot a big session of “First World Answers”. We shot about 40 episodes worth and I’m proud to say we shot some really entertaining videos. The topics were solid, our answers rocked (of course) and despite being exhausting, good times were had. The fun we have doing it is really starting to shine through in the episodes. We’ll be hitting episode 100 in August. I have no idea what that day’s “first world problem” will be, but I look forward to the huge milestone. Granted these daily episodes are only like five minutes or so on average, most of our favorite shows of all time don’t come close to 100 episodes.

This isn’t the only stuff going on in the land of DLP though…

Last week this hidden DLP gem was released. The press releases went out and it did get some respectable views, but not enough. The time that went into the concept, the production and the entire process doesn’t nearly equal the expectations that were had. It’s funny, folks. It’s funny on top of funny! I know that sounds weird, but that’s what it is. Keith Evans had his first stand up special in 2012 and he was green and still kind of new to the stand-up comedy world. Fast forward a few years of hard work to now and he’s tearing up the Chicagoland with his stand up, doing bigger and bigger things, and starting to take on the festivals. He takes his experience and wiser eye to detail and watches his 2012 special and explains what was on his mind, his process, and shares in the laughter. You get to laugh at 2012 Keith while getting to laugh at 2014 Keith laughing at 2012 Keith. It’s almost like watching “Back to the Future” with Michael J Fox…. Almost!

-[Click Here To Time Travel]-

Last week we hit the mini-milestone of 50 episodes. This week we hit 55 and we’re speeding ahead to another awesome week. An interesting factoid that no one will ever really need to know is that episode 50 was actually the first episode Keith and I shot. It just never made the cut until 50. We recently got together and shot like 40 more episodes. There are some really great topics coming up and I can’t wait to see the feedback on what’s to come. We are starting to get a tad topical with proper timing. If a celebrity or person of note has a birthday on an upcoming day we tried to put one or so B-Day boy or girl episodes out there. Last week we gave a shout out to the Robert Englund as he celebrated his day of birth. This upcoming week we give a B-Day shout out episode to Jason Mewes from “Jay and Silent Bob” fame. In the upcoming weeks we celebrate the birth of the likes of Tupac and Dereck Jeter!

If you missed ANY of last week’s episodes you can find them below. Watch & Comment!:
051 : Who Has the Worst Fans: NHL, UFC, or NASCAR?
052: What is the Mount Rushmore of WCW?
053 : Food Fight: Mexican vs. Chinese?
054 : What is the Best Chicago set TV show of All Time?
055 : What is the Best Nightmare on Elm Street Movie?

THEN… the line-up of “first world problems” that we’ll be providing “FIRST WORLD ANSWERS” to this upcoming week:
056 : Who is the Biggest Sell Out in Hip Hop?
057 : What is the Best Foreign Object in Wrestling?
058 : Who’d Win: The Leprechaun vs. Chucky The Doll?
059 : What is the Best Kevin Smith Movie?
060 : Who is the Best TV Father?
-Click Here for ALL the Episodes!-

We had a good week of columns too!

In the latest “Evans From The Heavens” Keith Evans takes a look at the social media trend of “throw back Thursday” and looks back at one of his older blogs. In this classic blog he let loose about Michael Bay’s remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. It still holds true. Read it!

K.L. won’t be stopped. In this week’s column she shares more of her journey to becoming the greatest wrestler of all time. She’s learning, improving and her drive is undeniable. If she keeps this up she’ll be on to bigger things in no time! Read it!

I had three columns this week:
FRIDAY: In this week’s “Worst Case Scenario” I take a common statement in wrestling of “NXT is the best show in WWE” and took it too far. I replace Friday Night Smackdown with NXT! Yes… NXT Smackdown! That’ll work, right? Nope! Read it!

WEDNESDAY: In this week’s “Random Movie Review”, I embrace the NBA Finals despite LeBronda James being involved. I look back to better days as I watch “Space Jam” for the first time in over a decade. Read it!

MONDAY: “Rant/N/Rave” was another wrestling column. WWE’s “Payback” PPV came and went. Of course I had to put my two cynical cents in and share my review of the show. People act as if it was a really good show, but it wasn’t. Read my ramble on why the WWE is wasting my time. Read it!

Stay tuned!

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