Week In Review 6/29/14
Digital Lizard Productions in review for the last week of June 2014.

This was another busy “life week”. Real life catches up to you once in a while and kicks your ass a little. Some personal priorities have stepped in to drag me back a bit on some of the Digital Lizard Production operations. The main thing was the neglect of a few columns this past week. I didn’t put out a “Week in Review” last week and both KL and Keith didn’t step out with their respected columns. Things happen. As is life.

This doesn’t mean I’ve not been busting ass. I’ve squeezed in time to pull off some awesome stuff for DLP’s future planning. Not only have I spoken with Keith about attempting to schedule the upcoming session of “First World Answer” questions, but I’ve talked with “Julia K.” about shooting the last of the looooong awaited “Unpaid Programming” sequel. Keith and I are getting closer and closer to the 100 Question milestone and I can’t wait to get to shoot with “Julia” again. It’s been way too long.

Meanwhile, I’ve been hard at work on the production design on ANOTHER upcoming DLP web series project. It’s not a project we can just jump in with for a full “season”. We need to address it with specific care and see it through properly. Basically, I’m busing ass to make sure it’s done right so we can put together one single demo episode. In most circles these single “test show” projects are called “pilots”. That’s what this is. I’m realistically seeing this pilot get out there before the end of summer. There is a lot to do, but more has been done already than realized. I’m excited.

There is another potential web series in my head along with a special or two and even another movie. DLP started with making movies and shooting live concerts. Getting back to the roots of DLP is always something on our minds. We’ll get there….

70 “first world problems” have been questioned and 70 “first world answers” have been provided in our daily webshow. It’s a simple distraction. Long enough to smoke a cigarette, drink a cup of coffee, or eat a bowl of oat meal in the morning. We have a great base of viewers who take the time to watch and share their answers. It’s very much appreciated.

If you missed ANY of last week’s episodes you can find them below. Watch & Comment!:
066 : Who has the Best Mustache of All Time?
067: What is the Best Hat in Wrestling History?
068 : Food Fight: Waffles vs. Pancakes?
069 : Derek Jeter: Overrated or Not?
070 : What Happens First? Eddie Murphy Returns to Stand-Up or Hosts SNL?

THEN… the line-up of “first world problems” that we’ll be providing “FIRST WORLD ANSWERS” to this upcoming week:
071 : What is the Most Teenage Alcohol Choice?
072: If You Could Have Picked Anyone To End Takers Streak Who Would It Have Been?
073 : What is the Worst Childhood Myth?
074 : What is the Best Tom Cruise Movie?
075 : What is the Best Cookout Food?
-Click Here for ALL the Episodes!-

Stay tuned!

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