Month In Preview 07/06/14
Digital Lizard Productions In Preview for the month of July 2014.

Things continue to develop and go in the right direction but there isn’t much new output coming these days. We continue to push along like a well-oiled machine with our weekly columns and daily episodes of “First World Answers”. Meanwhile other projects are being discussed, planned, and worked on. It’s a creative downtime which typically leads to a bum rush of a big new project or big new focus. There are plenty of directions to go.

Furthermore, the “Week In Preview” is being repurposed into a “Month In Preview”.

The next “Worst Case Scenario” comes out and 7/14 and it’ll the final episode for now. It’s just a weird column to try to think of material for every week. I cringe at some of the older ones I did like the worst case scenario of Dolph Ziggler’s cashing in of his Money in the Bank. I came up with a horrible idea that would have actually been more eventful than his actual cash in. There are a lot of those. I tend to like the alternate universe scenarios and rant ones like TNA’s Podcast Network, John Cena Going Heel On the Business and of course the McMahon Coliseum WrestleMania. I’m writing the column off with how I’d write “The Series Finale of Monday Night RAW”. I go really dark!

There are other name swaps on certain column and scheduling being discussed. Expect some redundancies being pulled out, but the same weekly content you’re reading as often as you are. In fact, it’ll make you read MORE!

I have worked on a press release announcing a new video direction DLP LLC will be going. This is a big step and workload, but it’s a win/win because we have no choice but to go this route to continue our release plans and it could open us the work and videos of DLP to a whole world of audience. The production process behind this I still a week or two away from releasing the news of. There is a “evil corporation” story involving Blip.tv behind this as well.

Schedules are aligning. There is one week left in the finished productions of “First World Answers”. Keith and I are working to figure out the best time we can to shoot some episodes, discuss ideas, and plan out a few other projects.

Meanwhile I’m getting to shoot with “Julian K.” to hopefully wrap “Unpaid Programming 2” and the follow up project rolling out right behind it. I’ve lost a bit of chubbiness during the year of on and off again shooting of this project so it’s fun to watch it all get cut together. I wanted to bring this up because that’s NOT special make up. We could never avoid that. The release of “Unpaid Programming 2” would most ideally be July 28th. I think that’s doable. Then if all goes well August 1st would be the release date of the surprise follow-up project! That’s my Birthday so it would be a cool gift if you just took a little bit of your day and watched “THIS” video.

A local-aimed project is taking shape in a bigger way. If all goes well, we’ll be releasing a news item about this shortly and potentially a press release pertaining to it. The preproduction planning and video production design is really cool so these ideas and imagery could be changed up a little and be used as a part of another project that’s being considered at this moment.

There is a lot being considered at this moment. Interesting times at Lizard Lair!

As of writing this, only 80 episodes have been shot and 75 have been released. While we have a few special episodes saved and done, these are episodes made for a schedule so it wouldn’t make sense in some cases. We are hoping to shoot more episodes as soon as possible and we won’t have to post reruns for a while. If all goes well and we don’t miss a beat then we’ll get to 100 episodes on August 8th. I’ve been trying to think of a good question to ask for episode 100. It’s a big milestone for us. 100 episodes is a milestone we don’t take lightly. We are a state line apart and have projects and things going on so getting together for the shoots are a challenge sometimes, but worth it thanks for the feedback and viewership we have gotten and continue to get.

If you missed ANY of last week’s episodes you can find them below. Watch & Comment!:
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Stay tuned!

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