One Hundred “First World Problems” Have Been Solved.
Digital Lizard Productions releases more than 340 videos to YouTube after cutting ties with longtime digital distributors.

August 5th, 2014 – Lake Station, INWith the milestone question “What Question Would You Most Like to Know the Answer To?” the daily web series “First World Answers” has answered its 100th question. Digital Lizard Productions LLC debuted “First World Answers” in March of 2014 via its official website and through social media. Short three to ten minute episodes are released Monday through Friday showcasing two hosts debating one irrelevant issue that most people should laugh off as a “first world problem”.

Over the past few months the duo has answered questions like “Who is the Best TV Neighbor of All Time?”, “Who Has the Worst Fans: NHL, UFC, or NASCAR?” and even head-scratchers “Rock, Paper, or Scissors? Why?”. Clearly there is not a question or topic too controversial, too silly or too random that won’t eventually be covered in some fashion on this daily distraction.

“Do you remember every moment of your last one hundred cups of coffee, one hundred smoke breaks or one hundred work days? If you've been following “First World Answers” I don’t think the answer can be ‘yes’.” said show creator and co-host Mike Goodpaster. He continued, “It’s a lot of fun. The thought of ‘first world problems’ is a silly concept so we don’t take the answers too seriously.”

Topics are pooled together and then randomly answered by two more-than-capable debate rivals and friends. “We let the answers to the questions come organically through conversation” explained co-host and producer Keith Evans. “Sometimes we make cohesive arguments to explain our answers and in some cases we find ourselves so far off topic that it doesn’t seem like we’ll ever get back on it, but we always do.”

The first one hundred as well as all future episodes of “First World Answers” can be found at: DigitalLizardProductions.com, at the production company’s official YouTube channel youtube.com/user/DigitalLizardTV and it’s encouraged to share your answers to each days question by “liking” the Digital Lizard Facebook page at: facebook.com/DigitalLizard

Digital Lizard Productions’ web presence is bold, unique, and undeniable. Since 2010 DigitalLizardProductions.com has earned approximately 4.5 million page views by providing free full length films, regular web shows and specials, topical blogs, music performances and more. Digital Lizard Productions’ free video content has generated over 500,000 views. Select projects of Digital Lizard Productions are listed on the Internet Movie Database (imdb.com), and can be purchased on DVD on Amazon.com. Digital Lizard Productions not only has a finger on the pulse of today’s most trailblazing entertainment, but the company boasts the innovations of tomorrow. For more information please visit: DigitalLizardProductions.com

Michael Goodpaster

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