Month In Preview 08/10/14
Digital Lizard Productions In Preview for the month of August 2014.

It’s been a busy summer. We continue to roll out the consistent content in the form of the weekly written pieces by myself, Keith and KL. In addition to these quality pieces the daily video web series “First World Answers” has hit 100 episodes and keeps going.

"First World Answers" Hits Milestone And Keeps Going...

With the milestone question “What Question Would You Most Like to Know the Answer To?” the daily web series “First World Answers” has answered its 100th question. Digital Lizard Productions LLC debuted “First World Answers” in March of 2014 via its official website and through social media. Short three to ten minute episodes are released Monday through Friday showcasing two hosts debating one irrelevant issue that most people should laugh off as a “first world problem”.

If you missed ANY of last week’s episodes you can find them below. Watch & Comment!:
091 : What is the Best Boxing Movie?
092 : What is the Ugliest Wrestling Belt of All Time?
093 : What is the Second Best Chris Farley Movie?
094 : What is the Best Wesley Snipes Movie?
095 : What Would It Take For Justin Bieber To Be Considered A “Bad Ass”?
096 : What Should Barack Obama Do Once His Term Is Over?
097 : Who Is The Coolest Fictional Wrester?
098 : What is the Mount Rushmore of MAD TV?
099 : Who’d Win: Bart Simpson vs Cartman vs Stewie Griffin?
100 : What Question Would You Most Like to Know the Answer To?

Unpaid Programming Sequel Coming Very Soon!

Unpaid Programming was released in April of 2012 and had some awesome success. The video hit over two hundred and fifty THOUSAND views and was really humbling. Right after it went out I got into production on a sequel. I wrote it and started shooting it pretty quickly. For over a year and a half now I’ve worked on bits and pieces of the project. It turned out to be a massive project and I took it farther than I had planned. Part 2 of “Unpaid Programming” brings back the characters of the first release and showcases a few more. Then if you’re reading this I’ll let you in on a secret, “Part 3” will come out right after. Yeah. Part 1 was like 37 minutes the new Part 2 will be over 30 and THEN there’s a Part 3. Part 3 is big. It wraps up the trilogy with “Unpaid Programming 3” is subtitled “Geronimo Sexy: The Made For TV Movie”.

This is ALMOST done. I wanted to get it out by my birthday but failed. It’s pretty much done. Expect it to just randomly come out and blow your mind. After working on it for so long it’s kind of a big project for me. It’s nothing HUGE but it’s funny, well put together and if people watch it and laugh then it will have accomplished what I set out to do with it.

DLP Beginning Pre-Production for NEW Movie!

Years ago. Like forever. I mean at least ten years ago I came up with an idea for a character and a silly mockumentary. The concept was a documentary that follows the man who created porn music. This concept would develop and evolve into Steven Thomas Darrell. For a few years Keith Evans put on some great clothes and sat down as the host of the web series “Nocturnal Emissions with Steven Thomas Darrell”. The show was the flagship program in DLP for a while. Each episode would feature a different Digital Lizard alumni playing a different 80’s themed character and the result was A LOT of fun and hilarity. If you haven’t watched the 24 episode run of the show you are missing out on hilarity.
Before this show went down there was a script written titled “Rusty Trombone: The Moist Chronicles of Steven Thomas Darrell”. This script follows the rise and fall of Steven Thomas Darrell, the man who invented porn music. Once again Keith Evans will take on the role he was born to play, Steven Thomas Darrell.
We are really looking forward to this one. This has been a project that we’ve been talking about and slowly brining to life for a few years now. We are thrilled to finally be at the bottom of this mountain and can’t wait to climb. Right now we are in a private read through process. We are reading the script, touching it up and getting ourselves ready to make it “official”.

Blogs, Columns, Reviews and Rants...

KL continues to share her experiences and journey in professional wrestling in her almost weekly “Bump Journal”. Keith Evans will drop an “Evans from the Heavens” every so often. I’ve put out a Random Movie Review and a Rant/N/Rave every week for a while now. I’ve not watched a lot of movies lately so I need to play catch up to keep up with the release schedule. Just the same I’m not that inspired to pop off about any topic for a Rant so I might need a recharge soon.

The rest of the summer should be pretty awesome and as we get into the fall months we should be doing some really exciting things. Things are slowly taking the shape we hoped for, planned for and worked for.

Stay tuned!

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