First World Answers: In the News & On Vacation
Keith Evans gets interviewed by local NPR and the show takes a week off.

In the News
As announced last week, Digital Lizard Production’s daily web talk show First World Answers has answered it’s 100th question. This milestone was celebrated with the hosts Mike Goodpaster and Keith Evans doing what they’ve done every other episode. They answer a silly menial question that most people would coin a “first world problem”. Things like “Who’d Win in a Fight: Peter Pan vs. Robin Hood?”, “What is the best Monopoly piece?” and “What should Obama do after his term is over?” are solved in this daily distraction that lasts about the length of a cup of coffee.

The milestone was recognized by Lakeshore Public Radio. 89.1FM, "The Lakeshore" is Northwest Indiana's own listener supported public radio station, with in-depth local and world news, talk, sports and music, including the finest programming from NPR.

This past week The Lakeshore’s Chris Nolte spoke with co-host Keith Evans for a short on-air radio interview. This interview airs Monday (8/11/14) on 89.1FM in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland areas.

You can hear the interview and read the news release: HERE!

& On Vacation
After hitting 100 episodes, First World Answers is taking a short “summer vacation”. The time off gives the guys a little time to recharge our batteries, align schedules and prepare other soon-to-be-announced projects.

In honor of WWE’s Summerslam coming up, the show will be having a “Wrestling Rewind Week”. All five questions will be pulled from our short history that includes a plethora of fun wrestling questions.

In fact, a fairly decent size chunk of DLP is wrestling related. Some of the content is throwback wrestling from Maniak Enterprise Wrestling, a company DLP owner Mike Goodpaster used to promote in his late teens and early 20s. A lot of the blogs have had some wrestling content especially K.L.’s weekly “Bump Journal” and both the prediction and review editions of every WWE PPV of Mike’s “rant/n/rave” column. Obviously we at DLP love professional wrestling so the episode break comes at the perfect time.

Digital Lizard Productions encourages everyone to enjoy Summerslam and enjoy the rest of their summer.

First World Answers will return with its 101st episode on August 18th.

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