First World Answers: More Media Exposure & Programming Note
The show gets national media coverage and takes another week off.

"First World Answers" Gains National Exposure!
It was revealed last week that the local NPR radio station, “The Lakeshore 89.1 FM” did a quick interview with First World Answers co-host Keith Evans. Obviously this kind of media exposure is always cool. We’re a small company who takes pride in each step forward we take in our productions, art and passions so it’s even sweeter to gain media exposure. To us the exposure isn’t so much a feather in our caps but rather a chance to showcase what we do to a larger audience.

The press and media reach of the recent release has seen substantial exposure; at least for us. The “One Hundred “First World Problems” Have Been Solved” press release celebrated the 100 episode milestone of the daily DLP web show “First World Answers”.

The following is a few of the media, including major national news outlets, that has published this recent release:

Programming Alert!
Last week we announced that we were taking a week off and would return with new episodes on August 18th. We were wrong. Due to some scheduling nonsense we’ll be taking another week off. During this next week we’ll be dropping a few classic episodes onto the FaceBook and taking it easy with our normal rotation of blogs and columns.

We are currently in the works to schedule a shooting session and production meeting. On top of needing to shoot a new batch of episodes we have a few other things up our hypothetical sleeves.

So August 25th is likely the start-up date of the new batch of episodes. Stay tuned for that and for that stuff up our sleeves I was just talking about.


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