...And We're Back!
Digital Lizard Productions LLC finally returns from its fall hibernation with news so hot that it’ll keep you warm right into the spring months.

Digital Lizard Productions is insanely proud to announce that “Rusty Trombone: The Moist Chronicles of Steven Thomas Darrell” has officially entered preproduction. This years-in-the-making feature length movie stars Keith Evans in the role he was born to play, “Steven Thomas Darrell”. Evans played the over the top character on all four seasons of the talk show parody web series “Nocturnal Emissions with Steven Thomas Darrell”. This movie project will also feature many of the same faces and names that have helped shape the identity of the company over the past eight years of this filmmaking adventure as well as new faces. Additional casting will be done in the upcoming weeks, so if you’re interested in having even a small part in this project it is best to contact myself or Keith as soon as possible.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be exploring a new venture that will change the face of what we do. This new project will be a new undertaking and will require a lot of work but the end result could end up being one of the coolest things the Northwest Indiana region has seen hit their internet screens probably ever. 219 will never be the same again!

Along with this a special event is in the works. This special event will be a live shoot of Keith Evan’s second stand-up comedy special. We are currently looking into venue options in the Chicagoland area that best suite our production needs as well as the most convenient location possible to satisfy both Keith’s NWI and Chicago fanbases.

With these advancements, some things are going to be left behind. Digital Lizard Productions is no longer in the blogging business. For years the website brought literally thousands of pages of content in the form of music columns, movie reviews, rants, editorials, brain musings and more. I’ve written a lifetime of words and they will always be archived in one way or another. The same can be said for Keith Evan’s hilarious blog “Evans from the Heavens” and K.L.’s “Bump Journal”. Keith is still out there dropping gems on social media and on stages across the Midwest and beyond. K.L. is training her ass off and getting more and more ring time and is easily accessible on social media as well. Both are still welcomed to drop an occasional blog, but we are no longer going to maintain a release schedule.

While these forms of expression were fun, our digital productions, as well as featuring the many performance talents of the DLP family, are going to be our main focus from here on out.

So stay tuned, enjoy the hundreds of hours of random entertainment, prepare for a new season of “First World Answers”, send in casting info now and reconnect with Digital Lizard.

2015 is just starting… Now…. In April!


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