Rusty Trombone: Now Casting!
Digital Lizard Productions LLC is putting together it's cast for it's next feature length film. Interested parties should contact Mike or Keith ASAP.

Digital Lizard Productions is insanely proud to announce that “Rusty Trombone: The Moist Chronicles of Steven Thomas Darrell” has officially entered preproduction. This years-in-the-making feature length movie stars Keith Evans in the role he was born to play, “Steven Thomas Darrell”. Evans played the over the top character on all four seasons of the talk show parody web series “Nocturnal Emissions with Steven Thomas Darrell”. This movie project will also feature many of the same faces and names that have helped shape the identity of the company over the past eight years of this filmmaking adventure as well as new faces.

Additional casting is necessary and we are making a few select roles available. While available roles range from lead support to a one wardrobe/one location spot, if you’re interested in having even a small part in this project it is best to contact Mike or Keith as soon as possible.

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