Draft Day

Ivan Reitman makes great movies. Most of the time. He’s not perfect, but some of his movies sure as hell are. Of course we’re talking “Ghostbusters” here, folks. His newest movie, “Draft Day” is obviously not “Ghostbusters”. Nope. Not at all. In this movie we see Kevin Costner play a GM for a NFL team who has to deal with the chaos of the NFL Draft. His team, Cleveland, has the first pick in the whole thing but he trades the pick and most, not quite all, but most hell breaks loose. Joining Robin Hood is Jennifier Garner, Ellen Burstyn, Denis Leary, Frank Langella, Chadwick Boseman, and the underrated actor that is Sean Combs. The trailer pushes it like it’s a sports comedy, which I REALLY hope it is. For some reason when I first heard of this movie I came to the conclusion that it was a romantic comedy in the guise of a sports movie. You know, the same way “Jerry Maguire” was about football. It HAD football, but the underlying and main story is a love story. I have no issues with a love story being involved with the movie, but if encompasses the spirit and tone of the whole thing then I think these trailers and the promotion for it is complete bullshit. I’m optimistic though, but the second I hear Bruce Springsteen or anything “Bob Dylan-ish” I’m going to punch my hand in full on bully-anger. “Draft of Dreams”? No thanks. I’m still optimistic though!

RELEASE DATE - 4/11/2014

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