"WWE Night of Champions Preview”

Why should I care about WWE’s Night of Champions? Seriously. That’s an honest question. I continue to follow the product and I continue to become less and less interested in what they’re presenting. I appreciate the talents of certain performers and characters but there just isn’t anything really captivating me. With being a lifelong fan this is something that happens. I’m not totally pushed away yet, but I feel like I could go either way these days in terms of tuning in to the million hours of WWE on every week.

One step in the right direction could be the PPV. On paper there are matches that could be fun and some matches I have no interest at all in. I just don’t care about the John Cena and Brock Lesnar match. The whole storyline has been Paul Heyman trying to get Cena to be a heel with long passionate promos. It’s a lot of hot air with no substance. Well, no substance if there’s no pay off. John Cena overcoming and standing tall is not a payoff. Brock Lesnar wins because Cena won’t go heel. Yawn. I’m not concerned about Sheamus and Cesaro because I have trouble getting into anything involving Sheamus. I just can’t take him seriously, but I guess Sheamus wins. He always wins. Bella and Rusev win two matches I’ll use as bathroom breaks. Then there’s a few matches that are interesting. Roman Reigns will surely defeat Seth Rollins and I bet Dean Ambrose returns. Jericho and Orton could be fun. Orton wins out of necessity to keep his slipping heat. I’m really interested in what storyline they throw Orton into next and if he’ll be used to help get someone over while he waits for his turn back at the top of the card. I don’t like the Usos and it feels like they’re getting stale so I’d gladly welcome Gold and Stardust winning the tag titles. Miz and Dolph might steal the show. They seem to work good together and they actually have a feud going on. Both guys are above the Intercontinental Title status, but it’s good to at least see them in something of relevance. Miz’s stuff with Sandow is fresh and Dolph is coming into his own even moreso as a character presence to back up his awesome in-ring skill. I’d like to see these two carry on the storyline for a while and hopefully transition Sandow into a threat himself. It could be good all around, but I’m not going to hold my breath too long. It’s WWE. This would mean The Miz should win, so I pick Dolph ZigglerYou just can’t expect anything good anymore except for a decent match or two every so often.

I cancelled my WWE Network subscription. I can still see the same shows on my own schedule and through other means. The price was cheap but I just can’t justify seeing WWE Network on my bank statement and feel like it’s worth it. I’m not saying I won’t subscribe again, but I just don’t have the time or interest to invest in a watered down and lackluster product.

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